Bank Holiday Brawl Wrap-up

Thanks to everyone who attended! It was a good day, and we all enjoyed ourselves with lots of memorable moments happening throughout.

The results will be reported to CB in a week or so (as we didn’t get the tourney pack in time to set up the event in advance on the ITS page), but until then, please see below for the full breakdown.

See you at the next one!


Place Player TP OP VP
1st IJW Wartrader 8 22 400
2nd MightyMuffin 6 17 644
3rd Scooper396 6 17 368
4th Landstander 5 16 414
5th David J 4 10 279
6th Wrong_Lever 3 13 382
7th Domo 3 11 440
8th Paul T 2 13 377
9th Leezilla26 2 8 449
10th Zedaej 0 5 450


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