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Scout HQ Club Night

Normal club night.

Event Date: 
Tue, 2017-06-27 18:00



I will be in this week... (assuming no one else gets ill)

:: Aspect of Aleph ::
Infinity WarmaHordes Batman/Marvel
Star Wars X-Wing/Armada

Ian Wood
Ian Wood's picture

I'll have Infinity and several small 40k armies.


Infinity, Epic and I'll try to remember my 40K as well.

Ian, want to sort out my Infinity order this week as well.


Try my free army builder at;

ResaF's picture

I'll be along hopefully with Infinity.

Richard Deane

I will be in with as many models for as many systems as I can fit in the boot. (So infinity, warmachine, 40K, epic and maybe age of sigmar.)

Blip's picture

Yep, i'll be along with Epic and Battlelore. Currently got some Red corsairs and Guard needing some games in epic.

Also up for trying 40k if anyone wants a game (and can lend me an army).


I won't be in this week unfortunately guys.