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Scout HQ Club Night

Normal club night.

Event Date: 
Tue, 2017-07-04 18:00


Ian Wood
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IMPORTANT - we're in the smaller room this week due to archery practice.

I'll have Infinity and 40k, and should probably get some Infinity practice before the Interplanetary...

Richard Deane

I will have warmachine, 40k, infinity and epic. No real preference for any particular system but aiming to get multiple games into the evening.


I'll have a bit of everything with me, including Armada for a game with Alex.

:: Aspect of Aleph ::
Infinity WarmaHordes Batman/Marvel
Star Wars X-Wing/Armada

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I'll be there - i'd like to give 40k a bash if i can borrow some stuff. Ian - thinking i may be able to proxy squats as ad mech?

Will also bring Battlelore. Anyone interested?

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I will be along with some Alkemy stuff! A French fantasy skirmish game which plays nice and quick on a 2'x2' board, if anybody wants to try it out?
Failing that I'll bring Infinity too.

Ian Wood
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There's archery this week so we'll be in room 2 instead.

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Hope this is ok to post here?

I am bringing some stuff to sell via Ian on Tues. Some Epic, 40k and fantasy, all pretty "vintage".

If anyone is interested give me a shout before they hit flea-bay.

Number Name Release (approx) Condition Approx Price

1 Squat Colossus inc gyrocopter SM2 1992 Unpainted £15

3 Imperial Guard Baneblades Mk2 Epic40k 1997 Undercoated / bit bashed. £10
2 Imperial Bombards Mk1 SM 1990 Painted but easy strip £4
3 Manticore Mk 1 SM 1990 Stripped. 2 have miliput “camo netting” £5
3 Imperial Stormblade Mk1 TL 1994 Unpainted £15
2 Marine Thunderhawk mk1 (Brick) 1989 £4
3 Marine Predator Mk2(?) 1992(?) Painted but easy strip £6
3 Marine Vindicator mk2 1992(?) Painted but easy strip £6

1 Battletech light mech - Battlemaster ? Unpainted £3
6 Dystopian wars Antartica Socrates NiB £3

1 Blood angel sergeant, chainsword/bolter 1993? As New £6
1 Thousand sons ahriman 1995 As New £15
6 Metal Chaos Cultists inc leader (rare i think) 1996(?) £?
1 Old school Eldar Jetbike 1995(?) On sprue £2

4 Plague Zombies 1995 As New £8
1 Arch Zealot 1995 As New £15
Redemptionist Gang leader 2 £15

6 Skinks with bows (1 plastic) 1995 As New £6
1 Skeleton Hero with Spear 1992? As New £6
1 Skaven Hero with club/sword 1995 As New £6
2 Skaven Plague Censor Bearer 1993 As New £6

I will also have a box of plastic Epic Space Marines which anyone is free to trawl through and take what they need (or take the lot if they want)! No charge. All badly painted and need serious stripping, but it can be done.

Additionally, I have the best part (80%) of an 1990s epic Knight force (3 Errants, 3 Castalisians and 12 plastic paladins - all unpainted) which I don't plan to sell immediately, but I might be persuaded if someone wanted to give them some love (and provide a new Epic opponent for me! :-)

Also, any interest in a Memoir 44 box set or Dreadball 2 player starter set?




I'm going to be working late tomorrow so won't be in I'm afraid guys

Richard Deane

Blip/Chris, if Ian and Dom are okay with it I would like to grab the thunderhawk and vindicators for the club Dark angel army. On a related note regarding the epic Knight force, if you don't wish to part with them yet would you consider lending them to the club as another club army for anyone to play? (I will admit to being quite curious to see how they work on the table.)

Blip's picture

Hi Richard,

Happy to donate the vindis and thundarhawks to the club army if you paint them! (though remember they are the brick version of both! :-)

Talk about the knights tomorrow. I've been torn about these guys for a while. They are worth a fair bit, so wouldn't want to do a bad paint job on them, but at the same time the sculpts are so hokey i balk at spending too much time on them when there are great forumwear versions out there... at an even greater price. :-)

They are assembled though, so we can easily give them a bash on the table some time. Just need 3 proxies for lancers and a barron I think i can make 3000 points. Perhaps if they are fun i will keep them.

Richard Deane

That is very generous of you. Happy to discuss about the knights. Depending on what others want to play I would be interesting giving them a try. The list looks quite interesting and worth a look at the very least.