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Scout HQ Club Night

Normal club night.

Event Date: 
Tue, 2017-07-18 18:00



Away Camping

:: Aspect of Aleph ::
Infinity WarmaHordes Batman/Marvel
Star Wars X-Wing/Armada

Ian Wood
Ian Wood's picture

I'll be away in Spain for several weeks.

Richard Deane

I will be in and playing epic Armageddon against Blip using his knights. I will also bring along infinity, warmachine and 40k with me. (This includes the club rulebook and Astartes index.)


Around with usual Infinity & 40K.
(Might have Epic as well, but may not have enough room in my cases as well).


Try my free army builder at;

Blip's picture

Yep, I'll be along to give Richard a game of Epic. ANd maybe a bit of Alkhemy after...

Just wondering - has anyone bought the new 40k mission cards yet? I was wondering if they would be compatible with epic.

Blip's picture

Slight complication - car has failed its MOT.

Think i can still make it ok on my bike with miniatures. Will have to use club terrain and I will need to leave before it gets dark (9ish). Therefore will come straight from work for around 5.30ish (when does the club officialy open?)

Unless anyone comes via Heavitree area and can lift me?

Richard Deane

The club terrain is okay for epic and I am hoping to get to club by 5:30pm to start setting up. (I'll be there earlier if I can be but hopefully no later than that.)

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Hi Richard,

Great, Ive realised i probably won't be able to make it till 6ish anyway, but will come as early as possible.

By the way, if you are online in the next 1/2 hour or so, i realised i cant find a way to go back to last week's comment thread. I think i can remember the thread you posted, but can you post it again? Thanks.

Richard Deane

Hi Chris, here's the list I wrote trialling the knights list.

Baron Retinue
1 Baron, 5 Paladins
Knight Household
6 Paladins
Support Household 475
Knight Castellan4x
Support Household 450
Knight Crusader4x
Errant Household 350
Knight Errant3x
AA Gun Battery
3 Heavy AA Guns, 3 tractors
Field Guns
4 light artillery units, 4 tractors
Thunderbolt Squadron
2 Thunderbolt Fighters
Thunderbolt Squadron
2 Thunderbolt Fighter