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Scout HQ Club Night

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Tue, 2017-09-05 18:00


Ian Wood
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I'll be playing a 2k game of Epic with Jake but will have Infinity as well.


Infinity and WM/H as a preference. Other games in car :)

:: Aspect of Aleph ::
Infinity WarmaHordes Batman/Marvel
Star Wars X-Wing/Armada


Much the same as last week - am hoping to be there, & if so it'll be 6:30-7pm sort of time.

Will have Infinity & 40K as normal.


Try my free army builder at;


I'll be down this week looking for some infinity

Richard Deane

Large scale game of Armada planned against Alex. Just in case will also have infinity, warmachine, 40k and the club epic army.

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I'll be down, PaulT and i doing some 3k Epic. A 6x4 would be great. Thanks.


I'll be there with both Infinity and Warmachine.


Ian Wood
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Bran, Bruce and presumably Keith will be along later to play Infinity. Depending on how long my Epic game takes, I'll probably help them out.