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Scout HQ Club Night

Event Date: 
Tue, 2017-09-12 18:00



Away on holiday this week.


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Ian Wood
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I'll be looking for a short game for the first half of the evening, so that I can give Bruce and Keith some tuition later on.

Anyone up for a 30 Power Level 40k game? No Datasheet worth more than 10PL and no models with more than 5 Wounds?


I'll be in with all of the usual (WMH, Infinity, etc). If you get no other takers, I should be able to help with your small 40K game, though my priority is WMH right now :)

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Richard Deane

Will have everything with me so warmachine, 40K, epic and infinity are all options.

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Dont think i can make it tomorrow, sorry. Have a good one!

Ian Wood
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Bruce, Keith and Bran are planning to turn up around 6pm so I'll be giving them some Infinity tutorial games.