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Scout HQ Club Night

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Tue, 2017-09-26 18:00



I am up for a rematch against Rich (Aerospider), having considered how Grymkin could play into mass-Snacking without too much (if any) disadvantage.

Other games in the car as well though.

:: Aspect of Aleph ::
Infinity WarmaHordes Batman/Marvel
Star Wars X-Wing/Armada

Ian Wood
Ian Wood's picture

I'll probably* want to play something other than Infinity, so will have multiple systems with me.

*Unless I end up refereeing as spare player, in which case I'll definitely *want* to play Infinity!

Richard Deane

I don't have anything organised and am happy to play any of the systems I have models for. Will have Infinity, warmachine, 40K and epic with me.

ResaF's picture

I'll be bringing my Epic, preferably for a 2000 point game.

Blip's picture

I will be along tomorrow. Will bring some epic assuming someone will be up for a fight - Ian or Jake?