The end of an era, May 2008 – June 2022

So this is it. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to draw the same footfall as before the pandemic, and we have slowly ground to a halt and made the hard decision to disband the club as we did not have the turnover to be sustainable.

The remaining regular attendees can be found meeting at Rygas (find them at or, or occasionally UCG (

To get in touch to arrange a game, chat or reminisce, please join our Discord here:

We may still re-band for the odd one-off games day or tournament, but until we cross paths again, Good bye.

Like a phoenix, we rise again!

Exeter Inquisition is re-opening its’ doors to all from the 11th of January! We are excited to be back and rolling dice once more 😀

Important Information;
We are subject to the following rules as part of our agreement with the Scout HQ and our own risk assessment:

  • Members are recommended to seek a NEGATIVE test* within 48hrs prior to attending if possible (*such as Lateral Flow, PCR, LAMP –
  • Wear appropriate face masks all the time (drinking allowed, eating discouraged)
  • Use hand sanitiser on arrival, in between games, and on departure
  • You are responsible (with your opponent) for setting up your table’s terrain and packing it away after your game
  • Only touch your own mini’s/dice/tokens/measures etc
  • Please try to stay a table-width away from other members

Anyone who had signed up to a membership subscription will pick it up from where we left off, paying only £2 for subs for the remainder of the term.

We also now have a Discord for members to join – please ask about this and an invite link will be generated for you.

We Aren’t Dead…

We aren’t dead, far from it. We are eager to get behind a table and start rolling dice again! (in a responsible manner of course).

But before we can commit to anything regarding reopening, we need to ensure that we do so in a way that is sustainable for the longevity of the club. To that end, please can you send an expression of interest to our email address “events at exeter-inquisition dot org” (sorry for the bot/spam protection). I will also be sending an email to everyone who has an account registered to duplicate the information posted here.

When we do re-open, we are considering the below restrictions:

  • Facemasks
  • Handgel before/after games
  • Proof of recent negative test
  • Only touch your own models
  • Terrain to be set up and put away by the people playing

Please indicate on your expression of interest if any of these restrictions would pose a problem for you.


Club precautions against Covid-19

Disregard this and see the more recent update!

The club committee has been following the international situation and while we have decided against a complete closure at this time due to the relatively small number of attendees, we have decided to announce the below precautions. These will be relayed in person as a reminder at each club meet for the foreseeable future.

  • Wash hands on arrival and departure, and between games.
  • No skin contact (such as handshakes before/after games).
  • Keep physically distant from each other.
  • Don’t come in if you’re at all ill (even if it’s not Covid-19 symptoms).
  • Remember that it’s a building that has a lot of people from different groups passing through it, so it’s a relatively high-risk location compared to the size of the groups meeting there.

Xmas Opening Times

It is nearly that time of year again, and this time our regular club night falls rather awkwardly on the 24th and 31st of December. Given that I am sure all of you will have other things to do on those nights, we have made the decision to cancel those meets.

There will be no club meets on the 24th and 31st of December!

It is not all bad though, we are looking at hiring the room for a whole day of gaming on either the 28th or 29th of December instead! Please can you let us know, either with a comment below, by Twitter or Facebook, or by telling us in person which date would suit you best.

We will try to book the room for the most popular day, but this also depends on room availability, so no guarantees until we tell you.