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Ian Wood
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Ian's Freight Port Table

Time to get some more stuff going on on the club site...

Inspired by I've started on my own container port version of a modular stackable table.

First up, a 'test' container to see if corrugated card wrapped around expanded polystyrene was feasible.
The answer being a firm YES. :)

Next I went out to the local builder's merchants and got 18 400x400mm sheets of 6mm MDF (a whole sheets-worth) plus about the same amount of 24mm expanded polystyrene roof insulation. I then jury-rigged my mini bench saw into a hot wire cutter table to start producing massive numbers of 24x48x151mm blocks of EPS.
WARNING - hot wire cutters give off toxic fumes if they get too hot or if material is left on the wire. ALWAYS cut in a well ventilated area and turn off the current to the wire when you're not cutting! See for more info.

First production container on the way, next to the test one.

Finally, a bunch of test layouts done before I got the MDF tiles cut.

I like the idea of the 'infantry-only' section in that last one, with one layer of containers it's still shallow enough to reach in and move the models safely.

Ian Wood
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There will be about 60 containers altogether but due to the stacks being made as a single piece there will only be about 25 items. Still a lot of cladding to do.
I've now cut out enough pieces of EPS for the table, here's eight of the nine tiles roughly laid in in interlocking pairs, although I've tweaked them a bit since then.

To save time, the bigger stacks of crates used some of the offcuts from cutting the rest of the pieces to shape. This is one of the big three-wide by two-high stacks upside down:

Ian Wood
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Including the slightly smaller pale blue prototype I now have six 'blocks' of containers done apart from highlighting and weathering:
Single x 3
Double x 2
2-wide, 2-high x 1
With a 3-wide single height block on the way. Once that one is done I'll have all the blocks for the first pair of tiles plus the first (2x2) block for the next pair.
These will be seeing use this coming weekend on my urban table at the PAW convention in Plymouth.




'It's behind you!'
Budda budda budda.


Ian Wood
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I'll give this scribing technique a try for the tile texture instead of textured paint, should be pretty robust and easier on the tops of the crates when everything's stacked.

Ian Wood
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Got a bit of painting done last night, my first attempt at using the sponged paint chip technique.



  1. Thorough undercoat of black spray primer.
  2. Base colour of Army Painter blue spray angled mostly from above.
  3. A light dusting of white spraycan.
  4. Using an artist's sponge, I lightly dabbed a dark grey-brown mix in place semi-randomly, making sure there were more chips towards the corners and adding a few side-swipes at the bottom.
  5. Some Vallejo smoke mixed with Coat d'Arms black was scumbled on along the lower edge to add a bit more tonality and grime. The same mix was used to shade the corners of the top.
  6. Edges were highlighted with some old Space Wolf Grey and then a little pure white.
  7. The upper edges of paint underneath each chip got highlighted with SWG.
  8. The top edge of each chip got shaded with some pure black but I'm not sure the basic chip colour was dark enough for this to show.
  9. Chipped edges were highlighted with silver instead.
  10. Some silver scratches were added in the areas the crate would be getting the most wear, notably the side-swipes.
The basic idea is to make the chipped areas look like they are slightly deeper than the surrounding paint layer and to have the 'metal' areas not metallic but dark, as weathered metal is very rarely shiny unless it's chromed - recent scratches on the other hand will show fresh metal.
There's a red one to come as well but I'm not sure it's going to come out as well.


All looks very good!

One observation though - your infantry only section of the shipping crates will need to be specifically houseruled around the ruling for fitting models where their bases cant (AKA werewolf in a vent), and may therefore be a bit arbitrary and confusing unless Narrow Gate markers are involved.

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Ian Wood
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Yep. I'll have to have a think about that.

Ian Wood
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A couple of park benches I knocked together quickly for the demo table at PAW this weekend:


3mm foamed PVC scrap for the uprights, 1mm for the seat and some plasticard strips for the seat back.
I added a couple of 2mm magnets in the uprights for transport purposes, not sure if they'll need something to weigh them down during games.

Ian Wood
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Image dump!

Ian Wood
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Another dice cube idea.