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Richard Deane
Warmachine scenario review: Supply and Demand

This scenario uses the Kill Box special rule (so keep away from the table edges with your caster or it could be a short game)and uses supply cache objectives with a 12" circluar zone placed in the centre of the table. The objectives are a few inches outside the zone, one for each player placed along the diagonal across the board.

The objectives have a couple of special rules which effect the scenario. If uncontested by enemy models your beasts and jacks within 4" of your own objective will be able to run or charge for free. Also your warcaster cannot dominate the centre zone whilst an enemy's objective is within their control area. This means that anyone with using a focus 7 or higher warcaster cannot dominate without first destroying the enemy objective. (Finally lower focus stats have a positive effect!

Victory conditions:

As with all Steamroller scenarios first to 5 control points wins and you score 1pt for controlling the zone, 1pt for destroying the enemy objective and 2pts if you dominate the zone.

Path to victory

It can be quite difficult to achieve the scenario conditions to win via scenario quickly. The most you can score in a single turn is 3pts (dominate zone and destroy objective) but acheiving that requires you to be dominating the board space. With only a single zone in the centre everybody knows where the battle must take place and unless the matchup is particularly one-sides (due to innate speed or threat advantage) both sides should be able to contest the zone for at least the first few turns.

Destroying the enemy objective early can make things easier as a strong push with your army and caster to dominate the zone could win you the game with only two turns of scoring. This makes going second quite an attractive option. As mentioned though this requires that you can either clear the zone easily or prevent your opponent entering it with any respectable contesting presence.

This scenario therefore tends to grind past turns 2-3 without fear of scenario loss. If both sides clash in the centre it may well be the case that neither can possibly achieve the scenario conditions til one side is virtually wiped out. Thus attrition style lists are ideal hear, the scenario requires a simple rush to the centre and control casters need to risk gambling that an early feat will stop the opponent from contesting at all in the second turn to stop scoring.

Attrition being the easy fallback for this scenario means that assassination can also be a good tactical approach. Kill box ensures the opposing warcaster cannot just lurk in their deployment zone and will come forward to help finish the scenario quicker making it more likely that your assassination run will open up.

A reasonably balanced scenario that tends to be more difficult for scenario casters because so many of them tend to have high focus stats.