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Mark H
Haqqislam kameel

Quick question re the kameel. I have built one with Evo device. The other is a choice between mine sweeper or the total reaction version. Any thoughts? I assume the total reaction is the way to go

Richard Deane

Total reaction is more likely to be favourable.

From a modelling perspective I do like the combi-rifle one more than the others but it's not always the best choice. The minesweeper is very situational but is a cheap order with baggage. (That skill alone has plenty of value depending on what the rest of your force looks like and the mission being played.)

When it comes to these models there's little if any quibbles over proxies just so long as you make it clear at the start of the game what the model is equipped with.

Have a quick play around with some theoretical list ideas and see if you find one come out more favourable than the other.

Mark H

Thanks for the advice. I will try them out. I finished them off apart from the option. I also finished the new tag, an odalisque, and a muyib.

Ian Wood
Ian Wood's picture

Apart from it not generally being an issue because the guns on the Total Reaction one being so small, it might be possible to magnetise the guns - then just leave them off for the Mineseewper option.