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Ian Wood
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Kickstarting Epic again...

Time to organise some more Epic games again. :-)

For rules and army list links, please see last year's thread:

To start things off easily, I thought we could play some low point games, using some straightforwards missions that someone's adapted from the Age of Sigmar General's Handbook:

For very small 1k games I suggest we also try these rules:
No Retaining the Initiative,
You can take no more than one formation over 400pt and it must be split into two roughly equal point formations,
Teleport skill can't be used,
Table size 120x90cm,
For rallying, enemy units must be within 20cm to give the -1 mod, not 30cm.

I had four games today using those rules (but with a simplified version of the Tournament Scenario instead of the AoS missions) and it made for some very fast and fun play. Notably, all five players ended up with four-activation lists.

Richard Deane

What did the marine lists look like? It sounds like an interesting tweak to the game to make it more playable within a limited timeframe but I wonder about marines in particular.

I'll make sure to bring in the dark angles so that anyone who wants to can give this a go. Not sold on it myself.

Ian Wood
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The lists on Saturday were Speed Freaks, Vanaheim Aircav IG, Steel Legion IG, Black Legion and my Death Guard, so no loyalist Marine players.

Apparently this list has done well at the London Minigeddon events:

4 Land Speeders, 4 Bikes
5 Tornado
5 Typhoon
SCOUT [225]
4 Scouts plus Transport, 3 Razorback LAS

Richard Deane

Kind of worried about the brittleness of those lists but will be interested to see how it works out.

I came up with something similar but less focused on Ravenwing.

Ravenwing (4x bikes plus 4x landspeeders with multi-meltas) 325
Devastators with transport 250
Devastators with transport 250
Assault marines. 175

Richard Deane

This was more fun than I expected considering the restricted size of the games. Also great that we were able to play 2 within the evening despite a late start and relaxed pace. Still worried about the impact the low point size has for armies like marine based ones. Since all of us likely to be playing will be using some kind of marine list (loyalist or traitor) the effect isn't as significant as I initially feared. The option to split a large formation in two to increase activations without hampering choice made for a significant increase in the fragility of the plague marine forces.

As a reminder, the Dark angels are a club force that anyone is free to use. They will be available to anyone every club night if they want to give epic a try.

Ian, can we discuss and solidify a couple of standardised Dark angel lists to print up (with the army list and cheat sheet) to keep with the army?

Ian Wood
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Sounds like a great idea.