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Richard Deane
Devil is a part timer


Classic set up, Satan the lord of Demons has sent his minions to wreak havoc and destruction across the land. In response a hero rises to oppose this evil and eventually repulses the forces of darkness but despite besting Satan the hero fails to finish him off once and for all. Instead Satan escapes to another world to regroup and plot his return to power.

Well this story covers what happens after Satan's escape from the righteous hero.

Drained of the majority of his magic Satan and his remaining loyal follower wind up in modern day Tokyo broke, lost and nearly helpless. Rather than make mess of things their focus to is to understand the world they've arrived in and try to fit in. To make it in this world you need money and to get money you need to work and when you're an extra-dimensional fugitive/immigrant you'll take any work you can get. So Satan is flipping burgers and cooking fries in a fast food joint. Plans of world domination have been shelved and replaced with the hopes of becoming shift manager and upgrading to a full-time employee. (How the mighty have fallen as the saying goes...)


This is a light-hearted comedic series with a nice quirky premise, good characters and excellent pacing. Satan (human name Sadou Maou) is a far cry from a cruel and twisted demon but they do manage to avoid it being unbelievable for him to have done evil things. However the determination to do anything to succeed can sometimes mean following the rules and fitting in as it turns out. This attitude thoroughly confuses the poor hero who chased him all way to our world (along with a considerable change in appearance) as this Satan is nothing like the evil nemesis she battled against in their other world. (Things used to be so simple...)

The hero Amelia (human name Emi Yusa) suffers a lot reconciling with this along with the discovery that the church organisation originally backing her fight against the devil wasn't so good and righteous either. A hero is meant to do the right thing, but what is the right thing to do when the devil is polite, helpful and hardworking?

The show plays around with the issues and concepts of right & wrong, good & evil exceedingly well by never being heavy handed and keeping things moving. I wish more anime could show a similar level of deftness and pace handling tension and comedy. It's fun without having to play to hard for the humour. (For example it's hard to convince people you aren't interested in someone you are stalking practically 24/7. Most people just assume you should be more honest with yourself and advise not to go over-board.)

Some of the characters follow anime tropes a little more than I'd like. Satan/Maou's fellow part-timer and co-worker Chiho didn't have to be an earnest, high-schooler with obvious romantic feelings, jealousy and busty to boot! Although by condensing nearly all of those into just one secondary character they did leave themselves more freedom with the rest of the cast.

My only real complaint about the show is how short it is. It felt like there could have been a lot more than the 13 episodes they made but from what I understand this one season is all there is. On the other hand what's there is fun and enjoyable. Very good fun and one I heartily recommend.