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New in-club event!

So, as we know, leagues/campaigns and even rolling tournaments struggle to get off the ground due to members playing multiple game systems, and schedules not always aligning for arranging games.

So, wanting to still do *something* for the club, I have come up with the Quarterly Club League!

I haven't really nailed down how I am going to manage the backend yet, or even what the rewards beyond bragging will be (as we wont be able to report to ITS), but to help people participate and feel involved I have kept it simple.

After you play any game of Infinity at the club, head to the above link and fill in the results. I will take care of the rest.

June will be a trial, and then I will be running with the yearly quarters (July - Sept, Oct - Dec, Jan - Mar, Apr - June).

This is all about the players, so I am not restricting anything (including factions) so play what you like, how you like :) That said, the more info you give, then the more statistical breakdowns I can play with :D

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Ian Wood
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Sounds good to me!