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6mm plastic building crowd funder

For info, one of the prominant Taccoms "faces" (he sculped all the Vanguard range and much work for mantic) is running a crowd funder for 6/15mm plastic kit buildings, in a "gothic(ish)" and necromunda(is) style. In fact the techy ones might work for 28mm too as man-high factory walls.

This is a both general publicity post but also a query as to see if anyone is interested in splitting a pledge? Personally i think he made a mistake doing the mixed sprue as the starting point, especialy as some are single sided. I'm keen to get a few of the gothic buildings (especialy if it goes as far as the stretch goals) but not interested in the techno ones. Anyone?

I might not be in tomorrow, but should be there next week if anyone wants to chat about it.


Ian Wood
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Yeah, I'll chip in for a few if you're thinking of pledging.