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Armada Campaign Day at Kirton Games 16th Sept

Hello folks,

Just a quick one, I know you have a few Armada players at the club, if anyone is interested I'm running a Campaign Day on the 16th September at Kirton Games. It's a slightly different format to the usual, with four games, two at 200pts, one at 400pts and a final one at 600pts. Theres a bit more to it then that, but it should be a fun day!

If your interested the facebook event page is here;
I'm not sure if you have any Star Wars Armada players at the club, but we have a Campaign day coming up at Kirton Games near Exeter in a couple of weekends time on Saturday 16th September if you fancy a fun rather then competitive event.

Tickets are available now on the KG webstore, only a handful for each faction.

And tickets are on sale on the webstore for £10 here;

Any questions drop me a line here, or drop it in to the KG Facebook page!