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Bonescon 2019

Bonescon is returning for 2019, this time located in Guildford at the Mandolay Hotel (, over the weekend of 8th-11th February.

I will be looking to attend again, and gauging interest on a room share. I plan to travel up early on the Friday and return on the Sunday afternoon, staying for 2 nights.

Playing with their online booking system, a twin room for 2 adults over 2 nights works out at £102 each. Breakfast is an additional £11 per person per morning.

A single room for two nights is about £186...

Anyone interested?



Sorry, Rich - I had cross posted this on FB and Kurt replied first.

Off the back of both of your interest, I'll certainly be booking a twin and if Kurt decides to back out I'll let you know.

No worries.

As you've probably guessed, I'll be there running the Infinity side of things - but due to the reduced size of the venue and event, there'll only be one beds-worth of accommodation available for event runners, which I'm taking. But it certainly means that transport won't be a problem.

Sneaky camping bed on the floor? 😉

Or someone takes my bed and I sleep in the van.