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Broken Egg joint order

Bit of a re-post that had fallen by the way-side:

Is anyone interested in a joint order from Broken Egg games, in order to split shipping/import fees?

I believe the list from the old site was:

(Dom) Grymkin Token Set
(Dom) 2D WMH Terrain Set
(Club) 2D WMH Terrain Set
(Club) Tournament Precision Measuring Kit

And I may be looking at the Khador token set too...

Deadline for this will be 1st March, at which point I will be approaching Broken Egg to see if they can do a deal to help mitigate shipping/import fees.

So, I think this is dead in the water - Whilst we have enough interest to make a joint order based on the above and a couple of extras; We recently purchased some 2D terrain from BonesCon (along with mats), and the Grymkin Token set is now available domestically via Firestorm Games who appear to have increased their range of BEG stock.