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Epic 40k (aka Epic 3rd edition) Resources


The first fandex version of the Ork Warband has been added.

Direct link:

Apart from making Orks base Assault 3 and adding a bunch of new units, I've also added a Mob Up rule, where the Detachment gets a bonus to Leadership tests for every multiple of 12 units within 15cm of the HQ (excluding Gretchin/Grots). This makes big masses of Orks much more likely to be able to move/assault/rally, but at the cost of having to bunch up and risk getting massacred by templates.

For easy reference, here are all the new and updated profiles.


Uploaded files:
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Minor updates:

  • The Death Company Detachment has had the missing Saves and Stubborn added.
  • The Thousand Sons Detachment has had Rubric Havocs added to the Thousand Sons Squad.
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Here’s a beta version of an online version of the Epic 40k books:

Oops. I misread/forgot part of the Army Morale rules, there's an additional way to lose Morale!

At the end of the Rally Phase, your Morale goes down by one point for every Blast Marker that's still on your Detachments! Which makes big close combat wins even more important...

Wanted to offer up a scenario suggestion for us to potentially try, especially for when we start playing bigger games. This is mostly lifted from the Epic Armageddon tournament scenario.


Highest strategy rating gets to choose deployment zones.

Deployment is up to 15cm onto one of the long table edges. Each player places 1 bunker objective on the enemy table edge and two capture objectives 90cm from their own table edge. (Bunker objective is an ARM 6 Assault 2 structure with a damage capacity of 3. Capture objectives when claimed can either raise your army's morale by D6 of lower the enemy's by D6.)

The game will finish when one army is brought to 0 or less morale value or at the end of turn 4.