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Epic Marines: French Changes

As discussed this evening, here are some of the changes the French Epic community made. They did a bunch of updates this month, so some of this is brand new.

  • All Rhinos in a formation can be swapped for one Dreadnought, or for Drop Pods, for no reason extra cost.
  • Terminators cost 300pt without Teleport, and can buy it for 50pt.
  • One Captain can be swapped for a Chapter Master (Supreme Commander) for free.
  • Librarians have a 30cm MW4+ attack, and have Extra Attack MW CC and MW FF.
  • Devastators only have FF4+, but their guns are AP5+/AT5+.
  • Dreadnoughts are Fearless, but are still 4+ armour.
  • Predators have 5+ Reinforced Armour.
  • Vindicators have 5+ Reinforced Armour, the main gun is MW4+ (but loses Ignore Cover) and the FF Attack has MW. They lose Walker. The formation of 4 costs 250pt instead of 225pt.

I really like the chapter master change.


The demolisher cannon change has me conflicted. I'm so used to the current version that I'm slightly at odds for adopting it because it's quite good under the old rules. That said my longest standing complaint about marines is the lack of Macro so this neatly solves that issue.

As a dark angel I'm already ahead on devastators with ap/at 4+ because of plasma but slow firing. (Usually doesn't matter as people frag them quickly.)

I'm all in favour of making Librarians more appealing. This change certainly does that, although I will admit that I'm fond of my current DA suggestion about them this is no less solid.


I like those that give more options - Rhinos->Dreadnoughts & the Terminators.

That Librarian change makes them very powerful! Maybe too powerful if they're still 50pts?

On paper, the reinforced armour change seems to be a good thing, (maybe even extend it to the other non-skimmer vehicles as well?), but I'm always worried that I never roll high on armour! Though would like to try it anyway, given I'd have two attempts at saving.