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FAO Paul H - Cold Front

Hi Paul,

I just got my Cold Front + Advance Pack from CB, and wondered if you were still interested in the Ariadna models?

3 x Line Kazak, 1 x Tank Hunter, 1 x Veteran Kazak, 1 x Ariadna Scout, 1 x Ratnik, 1 x Strelok K9 Unit.

Looking at the prices I paid, and splitting accordingly, I work it out to be about £44.

Cold front - EUR74.34, -10 (as I am keeping the wardriver), then / 2 = EUR32.17
Advance Pack - EUR24.75, /3 then x2 (3 models in box, as the streloks is 2 models) = EUR16.5
Totalled = EUR48.67, converted to GBP = £43.80


Let me know if interested, if not, no problem - I will resort to ebay 🙂

Yeah, I’m still interested, so no need to resort to eBay!

Cool, I'll bring in the models for our 1st week back (2nd Oct)