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Infinity road-trip: Redruth 21st April

I'm probably heading to Redruth on Saturday 21st, and can pick people up from the A30 corridor on the way.

Full details copied from the FB event:


Infinity UK South West in association with Barbs Models and Games is proud to present Crits & Pasties 3.0. 

This will be a Standard 3 round 300pt ITS Tournament. There will be no added extras from the ITS Season 9 rules. 

This event will take place on April 21st 2018 and the days action will be broken down as follows:

9.30: Arrival and Registration
10.00: Round 1
12.00: Lunch Time
13.00: Round 2
15.00: Break
15.15: Round 3
17.30: Tournament end and Awards ceremony

Tickets are available direct through Barbs Models and Games and are priced @ £10.00 (Note: Barb hasn't got an online store so any transaction will need to be made through Paypal or in cold hard cash in the shop. Her e-mail and Paypal details are When purchasing tickets please be sure to include your ITS PIN within the reference or pop it in the comment section for the event so that I can send out invites promptly. Any ticket queries can be directed to Barb at the shop, or myself here on the event page.

(The ITS pack isn't due to arrive until the end of March as soon as it's here the event will go live on the OTM)

Mission breifing....... Direct Action.........

Round 1: Safe Area
Round 2: Looting and Sabotaging
Round 3: Decapitation

As this is the first Crits and Pasties held at Barbs space is limited to 16 players. The TO has registered as a player but will step down if numbers are uneven or the event sells out.

You will need 2 ITS legal lists submitted to the TO by the 19th April for checking. On the day you will need a courtesy copy of each list and a full copy of each list printed. You will also need to bring with you your Classified Objective deck, Dice, Measuring devices, Tokens, etc.......Oh yeah, and Miniatures

About the Venue: Barbs Models & Games is a small up and coming FLGS on Redruth High Street. There is Tea and Coffee available at the venue and overnight accomodation can be readilly found in the local area. There is parking a plenty at the nearby New Cut car park for a surprisingly low cost. There are also plenty of cafes and food outlets nearby selling everything from Medium Steak Pasties to large Steak Pasties.

Happy Gaming.