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Judgement Club Visit

For those of you who check the website and read the forums;

You might have noticed that we have announced a club visit and demo evening for Judgement with the game's creator, Andrew Galea himself, coming all the way from Austrailia (not just for us...).

I am certainly very excited for this as the models look *beautiful* and the rules look compelling. It is 54mm scale, with the models on 50mm bases, so that equates to a model about the same size as a TAG from Infinity, or a Heavy Warbeast/Warjack from Warmachine/Hordes, and games reportedly are pretty quick (battle reports on their youtube channel seem to average around an hour for a typical 3v3 game).

For any one interested, the rules are all available for free from Judgement.Game including paper cutouts of all the heroes etc.

As well as bringing a small selection of stock with him (not too much I imagine as he is essentially on holiday), Andrew has also offered to bring any orders so that club members can save on shipping. If anyone wants to take him up on this offer, please let me know so that I can arrange this and see how he wants it to be handled.

Reposted from our Facebook page, written by Andrew Galea:


Hey all, in preparation for Tuesday night's Judgement demo night you may want to get familiar with the game. You can download the rule book from our print & play section, there are lots of battle report vids on our YouTube channel and you can also download the Judgement app (iOS and Android) which has the cards for all heroes and monsters etc. I will also be using the apps for the demos, since we have steered away from printed cards. I have everything with me to run demos, including most of the wave 1 hero studio & demo models.