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Judgement Joint Late-Kickstarter Purchase


Following last night's successful evening of demo's, it sounds like a few of us are interested in this game becoming a regular occurrence at the club.

The UK distributor for the models is Firestorm Games (, which sell the individual models for around £34 each (some are a little bit extra).

That said, whilst the Wave 2 Kickstarter has ended for Judgement, they are allowing "Late Pledges" via their online store, which works out as about £28.50 per model (dependant on exchange rate, but unless something drastic happens, I am happy to fix this cost for simplicity). I will be putting in an order towards the end of the month to capitalise on this, and would like to encourage anyone else interested to let me know so that it can all be bundled in and save on shipping etc.

I will update this post as people notify me so that I can keep track of what needs to be ordered etc.


Current Order:

0. Starter Set (Dom, £62.70)
1. Gloom (Ian - already collected, £28.50 due TBC)
2. Brokk (Dom - already collected, £28.50 due)
3. Istariel (Dom - already collected, £28.50 due)
4. Thrommel (Dom - already collected, £28.50 due)
5. Haksa (Dom, £28.50)
6. Zhonyja (Dom, £28.50)
7. Skoll (Dom, £28.50)
8. Styx (Dom, £28.50)
9. Ashtooth (Dom, £28.50)
10. Inferno (Dom, £28.50)
11. Vujasha (Dom, £28.50)
12. Marcus (Dom, £28.50)
13. Doenrakkar (Paul H, £28.50)
14. Kogan (Paul H, £28.50)

Very tempted to add Doenrakkar, Piper and Thorgar as those are the ones on Firestorm that cost a bit extra (£37), and so getting the flat rate equates to around £8.50 off!

That would counteract Gloom being 2/3 the price of the rest!

Looking at the models on Tuesday, I am becoming even more inclined to buy all of the Minotaur models and make a themed warband! Especially the one with the blunderbuss.
In which case, can someone confirm how many are there? And what sort of overall cost would they end up being?

(Having just spent a lot of money on carry-cases and other stuff, I want to double-check what I'm committing myself to first).

All of the Minotaurs are:


If purchasing as part of the joint pledge, they will be £28.50 each (142.50 for 5), unless the economy does a backflip and changes massively.


Sorry Ian, I am not sure I follow your post...? Did I mess up maths somewhere? I haven't seen a standalone price for Gloom online anywhere :S

Correction, just found Gloom on their official store page and see what you mean by the price. I'll message Andrew and see if he can do something about Gloom being cheaper than a "slot" within the KS pledge bundles to make that fairer.


Andrew is happy to figure something out with Gloom as he is cheaper than a pledge hero. Not sure what number that will be at the moment, but I don't want to pester him too much as he is on holiday right now! 😛 At most, I would expect £22.75 as that is the conversion rate equivalent of Gloom on their store.

Much appreciated!

Dom: For the moment, can you put me down for Doenrakker and Kogan. Thanks.

Still need to decide who I want for the 3rd - do like Gendris on the tabletop, but just not as enamoured by the images I've seen of the model.

Will do!

FYI - I will be placing this order on the 27th/28th of June (next Wednesday/Thursday). I will need to know what people want by the end of next club meeting (26th).


I will be having to pay for this order up front, so the sooner people can pay me after the order is placed, the better 😉

For Cameron:

Starter box




Zaron + 2 children



For Paul t