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Judgement Joint Late-Kickstarter Purchase


The order has now been placed!

I have sent an invoice of sorts to everyone's registered email address with the owed balance. If you haven't received it, let me know and I will send again.

There is no real rush for this, but sooner would be nicer (my savings account is a fair bit slimmer now!)... Of course, if we get to the point where the order has arrived (expected October I believe), and you are still to pay, then you won't get your models until you do.


Paul T - It occurred to me that you only wanted Istariel, and I picked up her model from Andrew's visit. If you wanted, I can pass you this model and I will wait for the one from the order?


Paul (Haines):

Just got word that the shipment should be delivered in 2 packages, one this week and one next week or the week after (2nd package is from Aus, and is hopefully being despatched on the 14th).

As requested, this is a reminder for payment - Doenrakkar and Kogan + shipping contribution comes to £61.33. I am happy waiting for payday at the end of the month, if that suits you better?