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Legionary 2018 (Epic display game, Aristeia intros)


Any ideas what we want to do at Legionary this year? The date is Saturday May 12th.

As per discussions last night, we're planning to do a large display game of Epic, plus demos of Aristeia.

I’d assumed you guys would be doing an infinity demo, but this is cool if you don’t mind me jumping on board?

I have a nice new city mat from deepcut (the one designed for dzc) which could make for a spectacular display board with the right buildings...?

Yes please!

Room for any Tau in that demo game?

One way or another!

How many attendees are we able to get in per table?

Two per game.

From last night's discussions:

  • Chaos/Death Guard on one side,
  • Misc. Imperium on the other (White Scars, Sisters etc. and maybe some Tau allies),
  • Dark Angels turning up partway through as an independent force searching for Fallen on both sides,
  • Largely urban table using Chris's new mat.

For reference, I can field about 7k of Death Guard without painting anything, but would like to get some of the bigger Titans painted up and in use. I'm also looking at fairly 'simple' army lists without too many mixed formations and without daemon summoning.

If we use a table bigger than 6x4' (which is likely to look good) then I would suggest breaking it down into two separate armies on each side, 3-4k each. For the Chaos side this would probably be a force of Death Guard, and a Nurgle Titan Legion (but using fixed loadouts instead of customised weapons everywhere) with support from formations of deamons - ideally including a big warp rift that the daemons can walk out of.

Chris suggested cumulative objective scoring each turn, with a 'swingometer' display so that bystanders can see how the battle is going. I suggest that we use specific terrain items for the objectives.


For reference, I have 3 Warlord Titans & 3 Thunderhawk Gunships, (currently undercoated red for Blood Angels, but I don't mind changing them to a more neutral choice). Plus, a pile of Blood Angels and Orks, (which are painted).