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New member questions

Guys, I thought I would create a thread as I’m likely to ask you several questions along the journey!

So I’ve just started (slowly) putting together some ALEPH miniatures. I am absolutely brand new at this however the third miniature I’ve started to put together has a wobbly base. I’ve checked the lvl of the insert and it’s not that, before I take it out as it’s been glued in, I thought I would ask do you have any idea what it could be? Also would you bother rebasing it or leave it?


Im in two minds, I’m tempted to leave it however I’m not rushing so can easily correct it if I need to.

Nothing painted yet all in build stage, I’ve tried to include a photo.



Hi Graham, I'm afraid that I can't see the picture you've tried to attach. (I also struggle to upload photos and images.)

If the model has securely glued into the base but the model is wobbly then it might just be that the plastic base isn't level. If you take a look at the underside and feel around the lip to see if there is any unevenness that you can detect. Sometimes there can be a bit of flash/trim still attached which sticks out. Alternatively you can also try sanding it down by just putting a piece of sandpaper grit side up on a flat surface and drawing the base over it.


If you don't mind leaving it as is for the time being then wait till you can bring it in to club so we can take a look at it properly.


Thanks Richard!