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One Page Rules/Grimdark Future

For those of us who fancy getting some 40k models on the table, but without dealing with 9th edition etc, here are assorted links to Grimdark Future, the very trimmed down fan game that uses alternate activation.

Main page:

When you follow the rules link, the main file is 'GF - Basic Rulebook' which includes the examples, diagrams etc.

They've just redone all the army lists and added an online army builder:

Under each faction image there's a 'PDF' link which gives you a web page version of the army list, which you can print to PDF, or an 'Army Forge' link to the builder. Unfortunately the builder doesn't currently work in Safari (and therefore doesn't work on iOS devices at all), and the web page version doesn't print accurately from Safari either, but it's readable when you're just viewing the page so it does the job.

All the factions and units use alternative names which are mostly decipherable, but in case they're not there's a visual guide on the related wiki: