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Plymouth WMH Tournament

I have been asked to share a WMH tournament happening in Plymouth on the 22nd of Feb, 9:30 open and 10:00 start.

Event is at "The Venue" (PL1 1TL) and will cost £5. 2 lists, 75 pts, 12 person cap (8 signups already I think?)

I can't make it that weekend (I am emergency cover for work and can't swap :() but if anyone else is interested, let me know and I will pass on your interest so that they can account for numbers.


I am hopeful and interested. (Will also help to promote our own event a fortnight later.) Need to double check but might as well try to book a place now. Will it be ok to pay on the day? (Since I've no idea if they've a webpage for bookings or payments.)


I have passed along your interest, Rich.

Plymouth's first steamroller in quite some time!

12 person (room to increase this for people turning up on the day) steamroller using the usual 2 list, 75 point format.

The event is being held at The Venue in Plymouth, with free parking nearby and party and display (free past 3) right outside.

The event will cost £5 (to invest in new terrain, mats and the venue) which can be paid for on the day or paid to myself via PayPal to reserve your space.

I'll update this list with people's names as interest flows in.

1. Andrew Brown (paid)
2. Luke Remnant (paid)
3. Thom Broyd
4. Mark Swabey
5. Aaron Dix (paid)
6. Elliot Guest (paid)
7. Stuart Greenhow (paid)
8. Tomas Lenton
9. Luke Archer (paid)
10. Richard Deane

Map attached, red circle is the Venue, entrance is on the side street, unassuming door between the old morgue and union street. blue squares are parking, there's a number of free spaces around the area 
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