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"Slow" Tournaments

I am looking to coordinate a series of tournaments for a number of games. These would be structured as round robin (everyone plays everyone), which makes it easy for people to complete at their leisure as well as allow additional players to join in, or drop out if they feel they no longer wish to participate.

There will be list submission required for each, in accordance with each games' rules. The scenario / mission for each game is to be drawn randomly (yes this could lead to points balance issues between high/low scoring missions, but this is just for fun and we aren't that serious).

In theory these tournaments can start as soon as players like, and arrange games, but I want to give some flexibility in official start time so that people feel they have the time to fine tune their lists before getting locked in, so will say that the starting date is no earlier than 7th May.

Currently, I am looking at:

Warmachine - 2 lists, Steamroller 2018/19 Rules. Alternate History characters (and proxies thereof) allowed.

Infinity - 2 lists, ITS X rules.

Judgement - 3v3 games, 5 heroes selected as "list" for pick'n'ban.

Aristeia! - Team of 8 selected as "list", Koorie Queen Mod, AGL Season 2 rules.

Of course, if there is interest and players for Epic / Mini-geddon / 40k etc, I am happy to score track for that too 🙂

I will be discussing this with people during our meetings. Just let me know below or in person if you want to join up!

Sounds like a good idea, but don't forget the plan to try another Infinity campaign, whether that's Paradiso again or the new set of missions which are a bit shorter.

Yup, I don't see any reason why this can't necessarily run alongside potentially, but also if it gets pushed aside for a while, its no big deal.