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Trinity Road Club visit

As discussed on Tuesday, Ian can you confirm that we’re visiting one Friday? Think it was this Friday, the 2nd, but can’t remember for certain any more.

Yes, this Friday!

What time are you getting there? And is anyone else from the club going this Friday as well?

I'm aiming for about 6:30 so that I;m not fighting through the worst of the rush hour traffic past Exeter. I don't think anyone else is coming - Dom?

So if I aim to get there for about 6:30 as well, then does that sound like a good plan...?

(Means I could choose to walk back home first to pick up my stuff, rather than carrying them with me for the entire day).

Ian, given the blanket of snow that came down today here in Taunton, it might not be worth going to the club tomorrow. Especially as they’re forecasting a similar amount of snow tomorrow as well.

Let me know if your plans have changed.

I just came to post! Trinity are closed tomorrow anyway, due to the snow.