Membership Subscriptions

In order to help the club keep on going, we are trialling an optional subscription model for members who would like to see the club to continue to grow and survive, week in and week out, regardless of their attendance.

The subscription model that we are utilising is £26 per 6 months. This works out to £1 a week, and for every week that you attend whilst subscribed, your subs will be reduced from £3 to £2. Additionally, there will be subscriber rates for any weekend event that we host.

To subscribe, please enter your member name (real name, please!) and click the subscribe button to sign up for automatic recurring charges. Subscriptions can also be taken for cash in person at any of our regular club nights, with a £1 discount (£25 payable).

Member Name

If you have subscribed via PayPal and wish to unsubscribe, you can do this manually via your PayPal account, or click the below button and follow the instructions.