Infinity House Rules

This page documents the house rules that we typically use at the club, and also any rulings that we have made in lieu of an official FAQ. This is provided so that visiting players, or tournament attendees, can be aware in advance of what to expect.

If you have any questions, please either create an account on our forum to discuss.

  • Civilians – Neutral Civilians including Xenotechs do not trigger AROs, and any Deployable Weapon that would affect a Neutral Civilian will not trigger.

Notes – This stops players from using Civilians as risk-free Minesweepers by triggering them with the controller and then nullifying the template by moving the Civilian into the template area.

  • LoF through small holes in terrain – holes in terrain are treated as blocked unless they are large enough for an S1 Silhouette to fit through. For example slatted barriers or railings will be treated as solid and LoF cannot be drawn through them.

Notes – This helps to prevent “gotcha” AROs or shots through scenic holes in terrain. As always, please discuss the terrain with your opponent before the game starts, and the TO can settle any disputes before it is critical to the game in hand.

  • Opening Doors – unless specified otherwise, all doors are ‘Star Trek’ doors, that automatically open whenever any trooper is in base contact. This means that you can freely walk through a door and the door will count as being open for that Order. If staying in base contact, the door will stay open.
  • Roof Hatches – if a roof or floor of a multi-storey building has a hatch, the building has an elevator to/from all floors at that point. Remember that using Activate on the Elevator means that you appear on the new floor at the end of that Order.