Tournament Report: Infinity New Years Challenge

Thanks to everyone attending our New Years Challenge! It was a great event with a fantastic showing – 18 players 😀

The results were pretty close, but ultimate victory went to Scooper396 who achieved a near perfect score of 9 TP and 25 OP across the three rounds. Honourable mention goes to ragnarok666 who only lost 53VP across the whole day! (rounds 1 and 2 he scored a perfect 300VP due to his solid Tanko Fireteam).

1stScooper396 – X0132925402
2ndgamma ray – I6604822535
3rdIJW – F5718717389
4thREND – X3938622578
5thEpsolon921 – N1493620635
6thRyZr120 – H1608619538
7thDementis – M7762613187
8thHairywookie – Q5627514418
9thCartographer – B1221317410
10thWarhound – W8909312286
11thJohnny6Whiskers – O1903311227
12thPaul Taylor – Q4040310381
13thDomo – U3111212318
14thragnarok666 – S2025210847
15thMightyMuffin – W760327441
16thmightyironside – L792614455
17thMkvenner143 – W394305343
18thEarl of Potato – M852303167

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