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The venue for the Exeter Inquisition is the Exeter District Scouts HQ in Marsh Barton, Exeter.

Exeter District Scouts
Little Silver
Ashton Road
Marsh Barton

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The easiest way to get there by car is to drive along Alphington Road and turn into Marsh Barton Road by Exeter Retail Park, where Currys can be seen on the corner.

Once you’re in Marsh Barton Road look for the Vauxhall dealership on the right.

Turn right into Ashton Road, the bus stop is on the right side of this junction.

Go all the way to the end of Ashton Road to the turning circle.

Across the turning circle, look out for the big conifer and the three signs underneath it.

Follow the signs left.

Follow the units to the left and keep going until the end.

The last unit is the Scout HQ, go in the white door.

Once you’re in the door, follow the short corridor past the lift and the toilets, and the Exeter Inquisition room door is just to the right (Room 1).