Post-Judgment Demo Night

Huge thanks to Andrew Galea for visiting us on the 5th. Everyone had a great time, and a lot of interest was generated!

Suffice to say that this game will be a permanent fixture here on in, and demos will be available to anyone who wants to learn more about this great game, now that we are up to speed having been taught by the master!

Photos from our evening, below.

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Club Night with added Judgement!

Normal Club Night (First night for new attendees is free). Click find out more to confirm your attendance with a comment, as well as what you intend to be playing 🙂

Also, Andrew Galea from Judgement (game creator) will be with us for the evening giving demos and with a small amount of stock for those who are interested!

This is a unique opportunity to get to know the creator of this game, and get taught how to play by the person who knows the rules the best!

Judgement comes to Exeter-Inquisition

Judgement is coming to the Exeter Inquisition!

Game creator, Andrew Galea, has added EI to their UK tour. Come and see us on Tuesday the 5th of June to get a Demo and learn more about the game. There will also be limited stock on the night should you want to pick anything up.

Club Night Event

Judgement is a 54mm scale, MOBA inspired, table-top miniatures game, based around teams of 3 or 5 models facing off against each other in a circular pitch measuring 24 or 36 inches in diameter. With the completion of their Wave 2 Kickstarter, there will be a field of 28 heroes to pick from to create your team, and 4 different kinds of monster lurking to disrupt your (or your opponents’) plans on the table.